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How much is so much knowledge worth to you? Even if you are not cruising at this stage, you will gain a sound base for living your dream. Like the photo below (Hinchinbrook Island QLD) it is fabulous. NOTE : After payment please allow for a short delay as confirmation of payment is sent to me via email from PayPal. Because I use wireless broadband onboard and only check emails twice daily AND CAN BE OUT OF RANGE, sometimes there might be a delay. If the delay is longer than 24hrs please email
Kit Perry for help.
Cruising Anchorages Australia - Live the Dream!
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  • After download and activation, because of obvious reasons, under no circumstances will your copy of Cruising Anchorages Australia be refunded or exchanged.  Check the two sample files Bowen QLD and Alonnah TAS to make sure they are suitable for your needs. The full portfolio of files are of a similar nature
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