Update your cruising guide

From the date of purchase you will be able to download the latest version from www.dropbox.com using your link sent to you after purchase. You can download as many times as you like.
If you install Dropbox on your computer Dropbox will automatically update your Cruising Anchorages Australia files.

There will be three levels of modified files:

 New maps and Updates
  • Corrections (Faults in drawing or commentary)
  • New maps (New anchorages from my surveys or ones sent in and verified)
  • Updates (Changes in existing files i.e. harbour changes, marina extensions as well as new digital content)
One of the most significant features of Cruising Anchorages Australia is the ability to upgrade and add new information as it becomes available. New maps and Updates will be available as soon as possible. You may choose to update your portfolio of anchorages or use the guide in its initial form. We envisage the guide growing in the numbers of anchorages, information and display of each map as time progresses.

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