Cruising Anchorages Australia 2018

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Author Ray Perry has drawn from his many years and nautical miles of experience - living the cruising lifestyle. He has extensively cruised, including trips to Papua New Guinea. The maps are based on his own experience as a live-aboard cruising sailor and also include a wealth of knowledge from fellow sailors.
It has taken 35 years for his idea of a cruising guide to develop, resulting in a powerful, informative and user friendly
electronic guide that will never become dated. Ray began creating his first electronically designed maps over ten years ago and has since redefined and developed his ideas. The outcome is this unique and essential cruising guide that he now offers you.
Kit Perry.

Ramble from the author

I started my addiction to cruising in 1972 after I went for a sail on a Trimaran. I purchased my first boat and a bound copy of a cruising guide and after reading cover to cover started my dream. Over the ensuing years I realized that existing publications had excessive useless information and sometimes were a little suspect. Because I wanted to do a circumnavigation of Australia I made a habit of talking to experienced cruising boaties and recording as much knowledge as I could before they moved on. In 1995 I decided to transfer these paper mud maps to a computer format. I wanted to make the drawings as simple and safe as possible e.g. (a) Navigable safe water entering an anchorage (b) Depth at the anchorage (c) Local information. I used colour contour lines to indicate different transition sections e.g. navigable, suspect and no go zones.  There are excessive blocked "suspect" sections that are navigable and I make no apology for this as I did not want to risk my boat for minimal benefit. All that I needed was a visual reference to enter the anchorage and exploration came later. As I became involved I realized that I had an unbelievable cache of knowledge. The result is what I am offering to you for your benefit.

The wireless broadband card, with an external antenna, on your laptop computer is an excellent way of phoning, receiving emails and getting the latest weather reports where ever reception is available. If you identify any faults or mistakes in my drawings and commentary I would be sincerely appreciative if you email me at with the changes. The cross-checked corrections will then be included in future releases of Cruising Anchorages Australia. Because some of my files have been obtained from second hand knowledge, but checked, I make no claim to their accuracy and hope prudent seamanship and commonsense prevails. Be reassured that there is an anchorage and sometimes because of your boats draught or configuration and prevailing weather conditions there might be a better anchorage close by. All open anchorages are subject to weather conditions and prudent seamanship must be observed. Make sure your paper or electronic charts are corrected. With all the updates and new anchorages to come, I hope, Cruising Anchorages Australia will become the benchmark publication for cruising anchorages in Australia. I adore cruising and if I leave a legacy for future boaties I will have achieved my aim. Live and enjoy this superb addictive lifestyle as some of the memories will see you through the difficult times in life and the "I'm going back to the farm" anchorages times.

Signed Ray Perry January 2008 Townsville.

Text change December 2009, April 2010, October 2010 and Cooktown 2017

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