Cruising Anchorages Australia is a boating guide with extensive information for novice and experienced mariners. The portfolio covers all of Australia including major destinations e.g. Whitsunday, Fraser Island, Tasmania etc. etc.


In 2008 the first edition of Cruising Anchorages Australia was released and in 2015 the second edition was released. Both of these editions are still available from the download site.

October 2017

After the loss of my PDF ebook CAA 2015 PDF to computer meltdown I have decided to do the third release as an interface to OpenCPN.  I have been using OpenCPN as my primary chart plotter navigator for many years and I believe that it is the best on the market.  It has been ticking over in my mind for years now how good it would be to have Cruising Anchorages Australia as an interface with OpenCPN. This would allow you during navigation to pull up a drawing and a Google Earth image before arrival at the anchorage. In October 2017 the conversion was complete. It works great and I am happy to introduce it. It takes a bit of effort to activate it but once accomplished it is a piece of cake to enjoy.  If you are ofay with OpenCPN you will breeze through the installation. Novice readers note that you will need to learn how to use OpenCPN as it will be your navigator. OpenCPN is free and available here 

CAA 2015 PDF is still available but because of the loss of important files it can not be upgraded.  The third release of Cruising Anchorages Australia will be the only one upgraded.  


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